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WHO ARE WE? We are an ALLIANCE of players, parents, and coaches who are standing up and saying, “Enough is enough!” when it comes to youth sports. We have a good perspective on what youth soccer should really be about and believe that building integrity and character in our youth athletes far outweighs the importance of wins and losses on the field.

With our EARN IT model and our “Team before Me” philosophy, we aren’t just building good soccer teams and players, we’re building a positive Club culture. A culture that consists of no screaming parents on the sideline, a positive training environment that makes kids not want to miss a practice, and qualified coaches at all age groups who are experts at not just teaching the X’s and O’s of the game but can also use the game to teach larger life lessons. We also encourage our athletes to play MULTIPLE sports throughout the year (not JUST soccer) to prevent player-burnout and overuse-injuries.

OUR MISSION To keep kids in the game! 70% of children dropout of youth sports by the age of 13. To combat this statistic, we provide a positive learning environment for players, families, and coaches designed to build skill, self-confidence, and exceptional young adults while helping to nurture a genuine love for the game, leading to long-term player development and a lifetime of success and involvement in the sport.

OUR PHILOSOPHY We assist youth soccer players in reaching their maximum playing potential by training them according to the principles and philosophies of U.S. Youth Soccer and the U. S. Soccer Federation. We provide players with nationally certified coaches who are highly effective educators on all aspects of the game - technical, tactical, psychological, and fitness.

Our goal is to educate players that the game of soccer can, and DOES, exist beyond high school and college. Far too many players quit the game at a young age because they either have a negative playing experience (due to a bad coach or situation), or they don't make the high school team. As discouraging as these experiences can be, they should not be viewed as the pinnacle or end of a player's soccer career, but rather as just a small step on a longer journey.

Outside of the U.S. there exists a game with no scoreboards or referees. A game that starts when school is over and ends when it's too dark to play anymore. Instead of manicured fields or state-of-the-art indoor facilities, it takes place in city streets or back alleys using hand-stitched balls and makeshift goals. It doesn't judge or discriminate. It doesn't care about how many goals you score or who wins. It only cares that you play....that you try......that you learn.....and all it asks for in return is that you enjoy it for the beautiful game that it is.

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