What Makes Us Different

While there are a bunch of great qualities that make us different from other clubs, here are the ones we are most proud of

Travel Club Alliance FC
Off-Seasons October Yes. Nov-Dec & July-Aug. Player safety. Family vacations.
Independently Run Tryouts No Yes. Club coaches will not evaluate players during open training.
Flex Training No Yes. We encourage multi-sport athletes.
Periodized Training / Game Schedule No Yes. Balanced training throughout the year. Training with a purpose, not just to train.
Professional Coaching Staff No - Volunteer Staff. Yes. Paid coaching staff. Know your coach BEFORE the season.
Positive Culture Sometimes, but not always guaranteed. Yes. Always.
Soccer Psych Program No. Yes. X-Factor Performance (USWNT)
# Practices / Games 25 Practices. 25 Games. 100 Practices. 25 Games.
Training-to-Game Ratio 1:1 4:1
Total Cost Per Season $400 - $500 $1,260
Total Cost Per Session $10 $10