Our EARN IT Model

Core Values


    We believe that the foundation of a good Club is education - for coaches, for parents, and most importantly, for players. By hosting motivational speakers, coaches, trainers, and players, we are able to provide continuous educational opportunities for our members.


    We seek to develop each and every player to their maximum potential - technically, tactically, mentally, and physially. Winning is important but not as the expense of player development.


    We believe in honoring our commitment to our team and our teammates. Training and pick-up soccer is more valuable to youth athletes than playing organized games.


    We understand that when it comes to youth sports, there is no such things as perfection. We aim to teach players what is and what is not within their control, how to handle difficult situations, and learn how to take ownership and accountability for their actions.


    We believe that who a child is off the field is far more important than who they are on the field. Honesty, sportsmanship, and respect are values that our Club prides itself on instilling in our youth athletes.


    We believe a Club is far greater than just a team, and we strive to create a close-knit soccer community among players, families, and coaches.

"Too often in this country, youth coaches sacrifice learning skills for winning games"

USWNT Player - Mia Hamm