Frequently Asked Questions - Open Training


Do current WNYSA Academy players need to register for and attend tryouts?

Yes. Players must register for “open training” to show that they are interested in becoming a member of Alliance FC for the 2018-19 season. Attending “open training” each year helps ensure the process is as fair as possible for all players. The evaluation of current Alliance FC and WNYSA Academy players will include past performances in training and games.

What is “Open Training?”

The term “Open Training” is exactly what it sounds like. Players from any club are welcome to participate in these training sessions, which we will use to evaluate players and form teams for the upcoming 2018-19 season. We don’t like the dreaded term tryout for a couple of reasons:

1.) The word tryout implies cutting kids. While we will never field more than 2 teams in any age group and cuts may be necessary in some age groups, we believe that our pool-play system allows us to both develop players AND field competitive teams.

2.) The word tryout has such a negative meaning. When was the last time your child showed up to a “tryout” not already knowing what team he/she was already on? We look to hire professional coaches from outside the club (not volunteer parents) to run our Open Training sessions, so that we can provide your child with an honest player evaluation.

What should my player bring to Open Training?

Please bring a properly inflated soccer ball, a water bottle, shin guards, and soccer cleats. If you’ve received your training shirt already, please wear it. You will also need to bring $35 cash/check (made out to Alliance F.C.) to cover the cost of Open Training.

Do I need to attend BOTH days of open training?

No, but we strongly encourage you to attend the first day and as many days as possible to ensure proper placement.

What if I’m injured or I’ll be out-of-town during Open Training?

Obviously it’s difficult to show our coaches what you can do if your foot’s in a boot or you have a cast on your wrist. However, if you can make it out for open training, we would still consider you for a spot. We may even be able to arrange for a private training later after you’ve healed up. We may also take into account the team you’ve been playing with or anything we can learn from discussions with you and your parents. If you’re going to be on vacation, reach out and we’ll work with you to find a way to come to a training session before tryouts.

When will I know if I’ve made the team?

Offers will typically be made within 72 hours of the last open training date for each age group. However, they may be made earlier.

Are players allowed to tryout with other clubs?

Absolutely. Players have the right to choose which club they want to join and which club best fits their needs as a player.

How long do I have to decide if I want to accept a spot with the club?

You can certainly have some time to talk as family about whether to accept a spot or not. Recognize that we may offer more players than we have spots, in which case the first players to accept and pay their deposit will be the ones to keep their spots.

How do I secure my roster spot?

By accepting the offer and paying the full annual fee ($1,205) or making the first monthly payment (due July 1st).

Are teams already pre-selected?

No. However, players who have played for Alliance FC, WNYSA Academy, or any of our coaches in the past will be evaluated on more than just their tryout performance.

Will my team have a professional or parent coach for the season?

Alliance FC will only use professional coaches, and our coaches will be at your training sessions and games. For the 2018-19 season, Coach Chris McConnell (USSF C License) will be the Head Coach for all AFC teams. We are in the process of hiring only the best coaches in the Rochester area, so that as we grow as a club, our coaching staff will continue to thrive. All future coaches will be directly overseen by Chris McConnell, our President and Director of Coaching.

Why does the Alliance Football Club use professional head coaches at all age groups?

Alliance FC follows a curriculum based on the principles of philosophies of US Youth Soccer and the US Soccer Federation. In order to effectively implement the curriculum and maximize development as players transition through the different levels of youth soccer, professional coaches are needed at every age group. This approach also ensures that our evaluation of players is as objective and performance-based as possible.

What will happen after tryouts?

The soccer year includes seasons in the Fall (Sept-Oct), Winter (Jan-Mar), and Spring (Apr-Jun). However, the club offers many opportunities throughout the year for all players to train and play based on their availability. You will receive more information about these activities after tryouts.

What age group should my child be trying out for?

US Soccer has mandated that all youth soccer organizations use player birth year to group players and form teams.

Can players ever play up an age group?

We look to put the child in a position that offers him/her the best development opportunity. For some players, this may entail playing up an age group to ensure that the player isn’t just getting by on physical advantages (size, speed, etc.). But it would also be important that his/her technical and tactical abilities are on par with the older kids, and emotional development is also a factor. The nice thing about our pool-play development system and the leagues we’re playing in is that it gives us the freedom to not have to “lock in” an official roster until our first tournament (May), which allows us to ensure that each player is continually challenged throughout the season, which only benefits them from a developmental standpoint.

What leagues will we play in?

It depends on the age group and the makeup of the team. Options include Syracuse Fusion (fall and winter), Rochester Futsal League (winter), and NY State Thruway League. It’s also possible that we’d determine that a team is better off playing additional tournaments instead of playing in a league.

What’s the cost to play for Alliance FC?

The total cost per player is $1,260/year ($105/month). Families are eligible for 5% discount for paying FULL amount by July 1st. Families with multiple children in the club are eligible for 5% discount for EACH child. The cost per player at Alliance FC is very competitive with other select soccer clubs throughout the Northeast (priced between your average town travel team and your premier team), and we hope you’ll consider it to be a better value. Instead of nickel-and-diming you throughout the course of the season, we believe in giving you an upfront cost and allowing you to make monthly payments throughout the year. The cost includes EVERYTHING (uniforms, league and tournament fees, insurance, field rentals, professional coaching staff, etc.). The only thing that is “extra” is the registration fee for Open Training ($35 per player, which includes a shirt) and travel costs to our one out-of-town tournament.

Is there a multi-player discount?

We seek to create a community feel at Alliance FC and having multiple kids from the same family is a great way to work towards that. We offer a 5% discount on each player for those families with multiple kids in the club.

How does the club decide on what tournaments to attend?

In line with our core value of “Community,” Alliance FC attempts to schedule tournaments that all or nearly all teams in the club can attend. We will enter some tournaments in Rochester (May and June) to minimize the time and cost of travel. We will also enter one out-of-town tournament each spring. For 2019, we will enter the Erie Cup Tournament in Erie, PA. Although this can be a logistical challenge and/or financial burden for some families, we’ve found that the out-of-town tournaments are great bonding experiences for players and families within the club.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

If you need further information, please contact Chris McConnell.